Incognito Acts

Incognito Acts and Singing Performers

Incognito acts and singing performers feature the best undercover artists available. Surprise guests with some special, shocking entertainment as an unexpected guest performs like a West End star.

Singing Firemen

The alarm rings, typical Irish, everybody stays seated, in walks the Firemen to assist and control the situation. You can only imagine the guests amazement when their uniform is removed to reveal the customary tuxedo and the performance of the evening leaves them in amazement.

Singing Chef

Compliments to the chef! A brief encounter between a “guest” and the chef catches the attention of your guests only to impress them with their singing ability as they realise he didn’t cook the steak

Wedding Crashers

Singing Maitre D

Assistance with the organisation of the day and then into a West End performance,superb two for one offer in this time of recession when budgets are tight and it is all about the entertainment without as much of the serious stuff!

Singing Surprise Guest

The guest you just want to sit down and not sing at the most inappropriate times turns into the most impressive guest of the evening.

Singing Security

Well be careful, you may be searched, keep your clothes on, there might be a bomb as Homeland Security search the hotel ending in a waving of handkerchiefs and no bomb!

Wedding Waiters

A selection of singer and incognito performers can be arranged for your day that may suit your specific needs. We customise our West End singing characters to suit your needs for best results and the biggest surprise.

Surprise American Cousins

Loud, long lost cousins arrive direct from California and become the spectacle of the day as an enlightening array of events takes place during the evening leaving your guests a little surprised,to say the least.

Drop us a line and we will assist with your surprise undercover singing character actors.