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Singing Waiters

Singing Waiters for events, entertainment with a difference! Surprise your guests with some amazing singers to give your party a lift and disturb the lull between food and the main act or break the ice before the speeches.

Our variety of entertainers will enhance your evening, offer you and your guests a stunning performance, music, sing-a-long, laughter, song and a few surprises.

With performances worldwide and never failing to get a standing ovation, you are in for a treat. They have performed for celebrities, high end events, launches, weddings and many large scale corporate events.

Singing Waiters

Professional Singing Waiters

“What a surprise for our guests, they were in shock when the waiters stopped what they were doing and started singing our favourite song. Great surprise and guests are still talking about it”.

Thomas and Nuala

What Happens?

On arrival your guests are greeted as normal by extremely friendly waiting staff, our waiters. They are appropriately dressed in uniforms matching your venue or hotel waiting staff. The Singing Waiters start the evening carrying out the usual duties of the professional waiters and blend in as if everything is as it should be. They serve your guests with charm and skill and nobody is wise to the surprise Singing Waiters that are about to appear.

Disguised as in-house waiters they will serve drinks and canapés until it’s time for the surprise Singing Waiters to make their appearance. There are a variety of options on the timing of the singing performance and every event is customised by our Singing Waiters but usually the performance will take place during desert and tea or coffee.

Each event scene is created on an event by event basis as no two events are the same but your guests will be amazed when the Singing Waiters break into your favourite song and everybody joins in. As each event is customised, we build the most suitable playlist for your audience and to encourage the most participation so it’s never long before the entire room is singing along with the waiters.

The usual performance is approximately twenty minutes but this can also be customised to your event, it can be shorter, longer or split into two sections to give the biggest impact. Some performances can even be on a mix and mingle basis if you have a large room with a big audience so your guests get a personal performance from our Singing Waiters.

If you have a guest of honour, we can incorporate a piece for their special evening or if it’s a launch we can even incorporate your product or brand into song. If it’s formal we dress appropriately, if it’s casual we can can dress down so whatever the occasion we work with you to give you the best entertainment.

Our performances are updated regularly with frequent changes to keep us fresh and ahead of our rivals. This ensures that we are the Number One Singing Waiters available.

Get in touch for further details and please do try book as far in advance as possible as the shows are exceptionally busy in particular at weekends.