Singing Waiters

The concept of this fantastic UK based act, The Singing Waiters, involves hoaxing as real waiters before eventually grouping to form three talented opera singers. The structure of the act is sophisticated yet takes away the seriousness often associated with opera by adding an element of fun, spontaneity and surprise. Because of the vast repertoire and experience of each of the performers the act can be easily customized to suit your particular requirements. Be it a dinner party of twelve guests through to a ballroom of one thousand, the concept has proven equally successful to an audience of football players at, say, a suburban club dinner, through to the most discerning opera buffs.

Standing Ovation from The Three Tenors
As a result of performing at The Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in Monte Carlo -July 2003 ‘The Singing Waiters’ were asked to be the exclusive act to entertain none other than ‘The Three Tenors’ at a special dinner, in Bath (August 03) following what was to be their very last concert in the UK. The response was overwhelming as the climax of the show lead to Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras honouring our three performers with a standing ovation.

As an important part of the act, each performer actually works the floor as a waiter for some time before the performance begins. They also dress and act the same as the “real” waiters thus giving no clues of what is about to come. Picture your next corporate function, dinner. The evening is running according to plan with the usual mixing and mingling of invited guests and clients. Suddenly, one of the food or beverage waiters bursts into an aria from a well-known opera or song from a popular Broadway musical. Your guests are simultaneously stunned by the waiter’s behaviour and intrigued by the fact that the waiter sang so well!

As the evening progresses, another waiter affects a similar spontaneous rendition of his own – with matching professional aplomb! At this stage, the collective “audience” realises that all is not as it seems and they begin to anticipate some progression of the unexpected yet highly enjoyable theatrics…

Just as the two waiters satisfy this anticipation by staging an impromptu vocal “duel”, the audience are then further surprised by a “gate crashing” third waiter and the three proceed to “out-do” each other “three tenors” style.

Entertainer of the Year!
At a glittering ceremony in Miami Beach, Florida in August, The Three Waiters won the ‘Entertainer of the Year’ award at the Event Solutions magazine’s ‘Spotlight Awards 2002’. This is the most prestigious entertainment award in its field, in the USA.

British PM sings with The Singing Waiters
On The 3rd of March 2002 the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, requested us to entertain the Commonwealth Heads of Government (including the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair) who had no hesitation singing along to ‘That’s Amore’ at their special gala dinner in Brisbane, as part of the CHOGM event.

“Los Tres Meseros” The Latin American show!
The really big news for The Singing Waiters over the last 12 months has been overseeing the translation and the establishment of the show for Latin American audiences. For its two creators, seeing their show translated so successfully into Spanish was a tremendous thrill. ‘Los Tres Meseros’ has already performed in Chile, Equador, Colombia and Mexico.

Absolute represent Singing Waiters, who were established in Australia in 1999, the concept remains totally unique in the industry and has become one of the most sought after acts on the national and international corporate entertainment circuit.

Our charter is to provide sophisticated, high quality entertainment, with a sense of humour and an element of surprise.

Wedding Performances
Just imagine having three talented opera singers posing as waiters at your wedding. To everyone’s surprise they take turns bursting into operatic song. This is just the beginning of a sophisticated, audience interactive, funny and thoroughly entertaining performance.

The structure and content of The Singing Waiters suits a wide spectrum of audience taste by taking away the seriousness often associated with opera and adding an element of fun, spontaneity and surprise. With repertoire consisting of arias made famous by ‘the Three Tenors’ along with well-known songs from popular musicals, Singing Waiters have proven equally successful with an audience of opera novices through to the most discerning opera buffs.

We understand that your wedding day will be one of the most important in your life and with the vast experience of each of the performers it allows the act to be easily customised to suit your particular requirements.

Whatever or wherever your venue may be, inside or out, in fact just about any type of venue, the atmosphere is always perfect for us to make your day even more memorable.

Let us enhance your special day with a lively and unforgettable experience!